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It is more difficult being homeless and being an artist. When you do art it takes you to a place where you temporarily don’t have to think about your problems. For a short period of time you feel normal. If you’re an artist and you can’t do you art its like you can’t breathe. You’re not being true to yourself.

"When I first started coming to the program I was dealing with legal problems and really depressed. Painting allowed me to channel my emotions. Since beginning the program I got my cosmetology license and now am cutting kid's hair full time."

"I truly believe art is one of life’s nearly nonexistent freedoms. I love what HEAL is doing and know that it will inspire people to be creative and happier. Art is such a beautiful way to release anger and negativity! ART is HOPE!"

"This is the best art show I've ever been to. I will remember this night for the rest of my life."