HEAL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for creative self-expression and personal growth for the homeless community of San Diego. Our Mobile Art Studio is a new, unique approach to achieve our vision.

We carry out mission to empower homeless youth and adults by cultivating values of creativity, work ethic, and leadership in a safe, inclusive space.

Creative expression through art, music, and writing is an essential part of life and benefits the community as a whole while providing the tools to combat the hardships of homeless to make meaningful and positive changes.

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Mobile Art Studio


All of our art supplies are stored in van we lovingly call Hank. We can move easily between neighborhoods, parks, and programs, adapting to changing needs and populations.

We have an exceptionally low financial overhead, so we can operate before we eventually open a HEAL Art Center. In the space we will hold art workshops, music lessons, poetry slams, and art shows, as well as teaching professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Art in the Park


4-6 times a month HEAL brings donated art and jewelry making supplies into public parks in the heart of large homeless communities.

We welcome everyone from nervous beginners to experienced artists who don’t have the resources to pursue their passion. We sit side by side, creating art together in a supportive, cathartic environment.

Art Shows

13226683_10154149460497974_6000900438964534493_n (1)Art Shows are the culmination of all of the hard work our artists do at Art in the Park through our Mobile Art Studio. They are a night of joy and pride in the artists.

Our most recent event, Wandering Artists, was an art show with live music, face painting, raffles, and a silent auction.

The artists’ faces were lit up the entire night while they watched other guests admiring and purchasing their art.

Projects & Partnerships

Poseiden Foundation

HEAL is part of an ongoing partnership called “Dream Big” with the Poseiden Foundation, a local nonprofit that empowers youth to actualize their dreams through the sports community.

The donated skateboard decks make unique, functional canvases to be featured in art shows. We encouraged exploring and achieving goals and dreams of the artists.


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Heal with HeART

Heal with HeART is a 3-part art program for homeless population of Downtown San Diego in partnership with the Central Library and Think Dignity.

It will focus on beautifying the community with the healing power of art.

September 27, October 25, and November 22, 2016



Do you have an idea for a project or partnership? Our Mobile Art Studio can come to you!