In the past year HEAL has sold over 30 pieces of artwork, giving the artists an opportunity to earn an income. Every sale is an empowering stepping stone towards preparedness for employment and self-sufficiency.

Visit our Etsy page, HEALSanDiego to buy your own beautiful work of art and support a talented artist.

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The artist of this unique portrait chose to include a statement about it.

She wrote, “This is Momo and she has a cat. She has the fierceness of the ocean and sweetness of warm sun. Always listen to her.”

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Believe it or not, this is this artist’s first painting! He now says that he considers himself an artist.

He spent months painting it, asking questions the whole way about brush types and mixing paint.

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This artist has acquired a new found love of painting. Every piece is unique, but clearly has her touch. She paints bright and beautiful scenes and features of nature.

Do you know someone who loves both art and skateboarding? This painting deck is the perfect gift.

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Some artists like to express their emotions, fears, and struggles in their work.

In this drawing on canvas titled “Fight to be Happy” the artist asks, “If pain is love, then what’s love???”

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